Lease Management

Highpoint will negotiate fair and balanced long-term license agreements between tenant and landlord. Lease management can be site specific or site area bundles. All leasing issues are addressed tower load/capacity, frequency use, ground foot print, back up power, telco, back-haul and access issues. Highpoint can also address any communication site maintenance issues as well.

Competitive Site Analysis
A detailed overlay map and report showing all existing and proposed
communications structures and wireless users for a proposed targeted area
for a new tower.
We use a proprietary database updated daily that includes the FAA and FCC
databases and 35 other wireless/tower databases.  This Database is
comprised of over 2 million records.  The report will provide the client
with a recommendation if it would be feasible to build a new tower
structure that would be attractive to wireless carriers.

We can tailor the report to your requirements to insure that you have the
analysis you need to make your financial decision.