Our History

In 1967, Robert C. Gunther and his father Frank A. Gunther founded Highpoint Towers, Inc. – the genesis of today’s tower transmission industry – to develop, construct and manage tower sites for radio and the fledgling television industry. The first tower was located on land owned by the Gunther family. Originally, the company owned one tower built on Todt Hill in Staten Island, New York. Like many other operators, Mr. Gunther was then a contractor in New York City and had a need for two-way communications for his business. By the late 1960′s Highpoint began leasing space to customers such as Brooklyn Union Gas, Con Edison, the United States Coast Guard, the Port Authority of New York, New Jersey and various law enforcement offices and governmental agencies. Highpoint Tower still has more demand than space on that location. With the considerable technical ability of his father, Mr. Gunther was able to locate the antennas of these and other users on the tower without interference problems. The tower was enlarged several times to its present configuration and high EBITDA generation per year.

Mr. Gunther’s father, Frank A. Gunther, was one of America’s radio pioneers and the original developer of short wave radio equipment, a Fellow and Past President of the Radio Club of America, and a Fellow in the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Frank had an extraordinary 72-year career in the Radio industry. From installing the 600 meter transmitter-receiver in the sea plane used by Amelia Earhart in 1928, to touring Vietnam as a three-star Lieutenant General to inspect communications installations at the request of the U. S. Army Signal Corps, Frank’s career was long and rewarding.

Known to military, police, fire and community leaders around the world, Frank designed, installed and proved the viability of radio communications in an age when few envisioned, and even fewer understood, the enormous potential and impact this field would have on the way we live.
At Station KSFO in San Francisco, in 1940, Frank Gunther (second from left) demonstrates REL equipment to NAB members.

In his remarkable career, Frank worked with the pioneer and developer of FM radio, Edwin H. Armstrong, in the first public demonstration of Frequency Modulation (FM) transmission which began a 25 year collaboration. He designed and installed 2-way mobile radio systems for major US cities and secured the first Federal Radio Commission License for an FM installation in the City of Bayonne, NJ. Frank was directly responsible for designing, manufacturing and installing the transmission equipment for over 25 FM stations nationwide.

During the years surrounding WWII, Frank demonstrated both the first FM mobile transmitter to the US Armed Forces and the first 2-way radio system to the US Army Air Corps. His company designed and manufactured the first 176 LORAN transmitters for the Coast Guard, constituting the entire system used during the war.

In 1941, REL sets a new construction record by installing a 10-kw REL-FM transmitter at Station WBNS/W45CM in Columbus just 30 days after an order was signed. Shown here (bottom right), Frank is adjusting the new Armstrong phase-shift modulator at the Station.

Professionally, Frank joined Radio Engineering Laboratories (REL) in 1925. He became president of REL in 1960. In 1977 he received the DeForest Pioneers-Lee DeForest Award for being Original Developer of Short Wave Radio Equipment, and in 1992 was featured in a PBS television program entitled Empire of the Air, The Men Who Made Radio.

The Radio Club of America established the Frank A. Gunther Award in 1996 for major contributions to the advancement of military electronic communications systems, with Mr. Gunther as the first recipient.

Over the years, Highpoint Tower has continued to be at the forefront of change consistent in our ability to anticipate new directions, meet new challenges and refine our response capability to best meet our clients’ needs.

Today, Mr. Robert C. Gunther and his wife,  Jayne Gunther, continue the business with the same dedication and skill of his father.